Gruppo Cividale is specialized in the production of forgings and castings (realized in sand and lost wax) of different sizes: from 1" to 80" (Series 150 : 2500) / from

DN25 to DN2000 (PN10 : PN300)


Body RF / RTJ / BW / HUB, Bonnet, Wedge, Hinge, Yoke, Ball are destined to the following sectors:

Oil & gas, Chemical and Petrochemical Industry, Food Industry, Shipbuilding, LNG Onshore & Offshore


Forgings and castings can be made in any type of steel: Carbon Steel, Low, Medium and High Alloys Steel, Stainless Steel, Duplex and Super Duplex, SMO, Nickel Alloys, Aluminium Bronze.

All the details are intended for the production of: GATE valves, GLOBE valves, CHECK valves, BALL valves (Top Entry & Side Entry), BUTTERFLY valves, TC SLAB and EXPANDING valves, NOZZLE valves, CONTROL valves, DUAL PLATE valves, PLUG valves, CHRISTMAS TREE.

Raw castings or machined are supplied to the Customer after being subjected to scrupulous checks: Chemical Analysis, Mechanical tests, Impact tests up to -196°C, Corrosion Test, Micrographs, Determination of the % of Ferrite, HIC Test (Hydrogen induced cracking tests), SSCC Test (Sulfide Stress Corrosion Cracking).

We are able to perform all the following NDE checks:

Radiographic check with iridium and Cobalt sources, Ultrasonic Testing control, Magnaflux check, Liquid Penetrant Testing.

All the products of Gruppo Cividale comply with European directives



  • Forged Valve

    Forged Valve

  • Gate Valve

    Gate Valve

  • Valve Bodies

    Valve Bodies

  • Valve Body

    Valve Body

  • Ball Valve

    Ball Valve

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