From 500 grams to 100 tons

The several foundries belonging to Gruppo Cividale allow us to offer a complete range of castings from pieces weighing a few kilograms up to castings of large dimensions of individual weight of 80 tons

With regard to forgings, we start from weights of a few hundred kg up to 20 tons per individual product, and we are able to manage first-hand also the realization of assembled components by welding

Castings and forgings cover all the steel grades requested by the market with a specialization in stainless steel, duplex and high internal integrity castings. 

ZML Industries S.p.A. is highly specialized in the production of cast iron, copper and aluminium components with around 10,000 tons of aluminium, 54,000 tons of cast iron and 21,000 of copper wire, capacity per year.

Gruppo Cividale can rely on company divisions to guarantee reliability and timeliness deliveries, such as pattern shop, core shop, machining shops.